KSP – Audio Countdown Sequence

Just started playing Kerbal Space Program.

I wanted a countdown sequence before I do significant launches. The self-destruct countdown sequence from Alien seems perfect:

“T-Minus 30 Seconds…



However, it is interlaced with background noises including alarms, rumblings and explosions. I took a few samples from an MP3 I extracted from a digital copy of the movie. Audacity to the rescue; sadly usage of Noise Removal and Equalization created audio artifacts and some distortion for the full sound clip. I post an unedited (10 second) and edited 30 second clip below. The original extracted audio is also posted. If you can do a better job, go for it.

Note: The announcer in the clips actually takes longer than 30 seconds to count from 30 -> 1, so it won’t match up with a 30s timer.

10 Second Clip

T-Minus 30 Seconds (altered)

Full Clip (unaltered)